Before running your first payroll, please make sure all the employees information are updated.

In the Malaysia Payroll App, go to Payroll -> Run

Select the month and year. Click on Generate

A prompt to confirm that employee information are updated will pop up. Click OK to proceed. Cancel to go back and update the employee information.

A set of payroll for the selected month and year will be generated for all the employees.

Click on the edit button to add or change the payroll information for the employee.

You can add Addition or Deduction for the employee. You can update the Addition or Deduction list as describe here.

After the information is correct, click on Compute to recalculate all the deduction. Or you can click Verified Reviewed which will recalculate and go back to the payroll list view.

Please make sure all the information is correct before Confirmation the month payroll. After confirmation, you cannot change the information.

Click on Confirm. Click OK on the pop up model to proceed.

A report will be generated for the payroll month